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Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms Psychedelic Mushrooms are mostly called shrooms for sale, magic mushrooms, golden tops, cubes, or gold caps, it hails from the Hymenogastraceae family of fungi and was known in previous times as Stropharia cubensis.

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How to Use Magic Mushrooms

Shrooms are eaten dried or fresh, cooked or brewed into a tea. The dried version is sometimes smoked, mixed with cannabis.

How to Make Mushroom Tea

1. Firstly, you are going to need at least two cups of water (assuming you’re brewing for one person only). Pour the water into the pot and heat the water so it’s boiling.

2. Grind or cut the Shrooms into small pea-sized pieces

3. Put your grind or cut Shrooms in the pot. Let it simmer for about 15 minutes. Be careful not to exceed 20 minutes.

4. Once the time passes, add your tea bags/ginger/lemon juice/honey and let it/them seep for around 5 minutes. You can also take the heat off so it’s not boiling anymore.

5. Ginger is great because it eliminates nausea and it will make your trip happier and more energetic. Adding lemon juice will make the psilocybin convert to psilocin with the tea, which will reduce the potency of your mushrooms.

6. Slowly pour the content of the pot in the cup while using a strainer to filter out the mushrooms from the tea.

7. Have some new water ready so that you can use it to squeeze the remaining psilocybin and psilocin from the Shrooms. Just use a spoon while you’re pouring hot water in the pot or the strainer. Repeat this process two more times.

8. You can throw the mushrooms away after you’re done squeezing them.

**of course, there are other ways to make magic mushroom tea. It’s up to you to find your ideal mix and maybe try a kettle if you’re brewing tea only for yourself.

How to Make Lemon Tek

1. Grind your mushrooms into super fine powder as fine as you can. You can use coffee grinder to do this.

2. Put into a glass and add just lemon juice to cover the powdered Shrooms.

3. Let wait for about 18 minutes (but don’t leave it for longer than that)

4. Fill the glass or cup with some water and mix it up

5. Drink the entire glass when ready to start the trip


Microdosing is the regular use of tiny amount of psychedelic substance. For instance the substance: psilocybin in mushrooms and magic truffles. Tiny amount as low as 0.2grams, up-to 0.7grams from magic mushrooms. These are just above threshold for the substance to become active and noticeable in human body. As the dose is very low it does not induce hallucinations or other effect know to a magic mushroom trip ( a macro-dose)

Directions: For best result take 2 capsule every 3rd day.

Psilocybin Benefits: psilocybin stimulates the growth of new brain cells and has been shown to be effective in treating depression, anxiety, mood disorder ( PTSD to ADD/ADHD), cluster migraines and more.

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There are three modern turning points in the modern history of Legal psychedelics for sale USA. The first one being when Albert Hofmann had the experience that led him to realize the psychotropic properties of the substance he had synthesized (Legal Psychedelics For Sale USA). The second one was when Gordon Wasson and his wife, Valentina, connected with Maria Sabina, who was a curandera who used mushrooms. This event resulted in the introduction of psilocybin, in addition to LSD. The third turning point was when Hoffman and Wasson were together, and Hoffman synthesized psilocybin. Psilocybin became readily available, instead of having to go to some obscure place in Mexico to beg people to find somebody who knew where to get the mushrooms.

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